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  • Stress relief: Studies have revealed that Ashwagandha reduces cortisol, a hormone linked with stress.
  • Improved energy and endurance: Ashwagandha is popular for its ability to increase energy levels and enhance physical performance.
  • Enhanced cognitive function: This adaptogen helps in enhancing memory, concentration, and mental clarity. 
  • Immune system support: Ashwagandha helps to boost your immune system, thus ensuring that you are healthy and strong.

Unlock the incredible benefits of Ashwagandha for a balanced and healthy state of body and mind with Dr. Ashwa Me’s premium Ashwagandha Drops.

Ashwagandha is a powerful adaptogen which people use to help the combat stress, enhance energy levels, and maintain overall health. Presenting Dr. Ashwa Me’s Ashwagandha Drops – ideal to combat stress and help you stay at the top of your game.

This package is perfect if you are:

  • Seeking a Natural Stress Reliever: Suitable for people who want to find a natural way of managing daily stress while avoiding the use of pharmaceuticals.
  • Interested in Ayurvedic Wellness: Perfect for anyone interested in or already a follower of the virtues and uses of classical Ayurvedic treatments.
  • Unsure of addiction risk and side effects of pharmaceuticals.
  • Searching for a natural alternative.
  • Preferring Risk-Free Purchases: Perfect if you enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a money-back guarantee, providing up to 60-day no questions asked trial.

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Third-Party Lab Tests

The importance of your health and safety is evident in the dedication towards comprehensive third-party lab testing. Every batch goes through extensive testing for metals, pesticides, and chemicals to ensure the efficacy of our products while meeting some of highest standards for safety and purity. As we value transparency, the lab reports on our website will give you the assurance that products made from Ashwagandha are of premium quality.

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The Ashwagandha Difference

Step into Stephen’s Journey with our elite Ashwagandha Drops

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“Boost in mood, feeling more relaxed & less anxious with continued better quality sleep...”

I have been taking ASHWAGANDHA drops for a little over 3 weeks. After about a week, there was a noticeable improvement in my quality of deep sleep and feeling fresher in the morning. By weeks two and three, there was a boost in mood, feeling more relaxed, and less anxious with continued better quality sleep. Based on the benefits experienced over the last three weeks, I will continue taking ASHWAGANDHA drops.



”Dreams can become extremely vivid...”

I was looking for something that would improve my sleep and was offered this Ashwagandha product to try, and found a good improvement. But beware using it your dreams can become extremely vivid which shows how potent it is.



”Ashwagandha works pretty fast to relieve the stresses of the day...”

The ashwagandha works pretty fast to relieve the stresses of the day. I used it in the mornings, which seems to be the best time of day for helped keep the mind focused. I kept it under the tongue for two to three minutes.
I would recommend it.



“Found it helped greatly with my focus & memory”

Usually, after the Christmas period, not only me but numerous people have to get their passwords reset by IT but surprisingly I’m delighted to say this year I didn’t because I actually remembered both! I found it helped greatly with my focus and memory. Easy to take, not much of a taste either!




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3rd party lab tested
60 day money back guarantee



We have the most pristine Ashwagandha extract in the market due to our top-notch Ultrasonic Assisted Extraction. This sophisticated technique not only increases the extraction of beneficial compounds for unparalleled potency but does so swiftly and without resorting to harmful chemicals. By keeping Ashwagandha’s natural characteristics, we ensure efficacy and purity of the product. Our eco-friendly extraction process reflects our commitment to your health and the safeguard of the environment.

about dr. hemp me

Celebrating our 5-year anniversary in the field of CBD wellness, Dr. Hemp Me is grateful to have more than 13,000 happy clients with its high-quality wellness products. Our dedication to the highest quality is demonstrated with our outstanding 4.8-star overall customer satisfaction score. Join us on a journey to improve health and wellness, one satisfied client at each step.

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Hassle-Free Shopping With Our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in our Ashwagandha Drops that we give a 60-day full refund policy. If you are not completely satisfied with our product, return it within 60 days and receive a no questions asked refund.


Ashwagandha extract’s stress-relieving capabilities was highlighted in a well-designed randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled trial that demonstrated observable differences related to mood and hormone levels among the study population. For more details, see the complete study available in PubMed.

The studies that were conducted in order to establish the effect of Ashwagandha on stress-related conditions such as anxiety, depression and insomnia have shown its positive results on promoting mental health. More information is found on PubMed.

The current systematic review and meta-analysis pooled data from different randomized controlled trials to assess the efficacy of Ashwagandha in decreasing anxiety and stress. Conclusive evidence is in support of its beneficial role in managing such concerns. Additional details may be found in the research on PubMed.


Dry Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) roots: We use only the best dried roots of Withania somnifera herb to bring out the maximum potency and effectiveness of this renowned traditional Ayurvedic herb.

Water: A fluid, easy to administer liquid extract. Food grade ethanol (≤ 25% v/v) based: Safe and natural solvent used in the extraction of active compounds present in Ashwagandha roots.

Volume: 30 ml

Concentration: 1500 mg in 30 ml, extraction ratio 2:5

Storage life: 24 months

Store in cool dry conditions away from light at room temperature or below.

Dosage Guide

Adding Dr. Ashwa Me’s Ashwagandha Drops into your daily routine is simple:

Sublingually: Administer the drops under your tongue and swallow after 90 seconds for quick absorption of active compounds.

Add to beverages: Infuse the daily dose into your favourite tea, coffee or smoothie for a stress busting, energising boost.

Add to Food: Add just your drops to meals for a delicious and nutritious bonus.

Recommended daily dose: 1ml or 30 drops (500mg); maximum daily dose is 2ml or 60 drops (1000mg)

*The dropper will fill to a maximum of 0.6ml

Note: This product should not be used if you are taking sedative, hypnotic or antiepileptic drugs. It must not be used for children, or pregnant women / during lactation.


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What is ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha, scientifically known as Withania somnifera, is a traditional medicinal herb that has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. This adaptogenic herb provides numerous benefits, including increased energy and vitality, help the body adapt to stress, and improved overall well-being.

How do we use Ashwagandha Drops?

For best results, place the recommended dose under your tongue and hold for at least 90 seconds before swallowing. This method ensures quick absorption of the drops. Alternatively, you can mix these drops into your drinks or incorporate them into your food.

How frequently should I take the drops?

Morning or afternoon are ideal. The recommended daily dosage is 1ml, or 30 drops (500mg). However, it is advised not to exceed 2ml. The max daily allowance is 2ml or 60 drops (1000mg) daily.

When is the best time to take your daily dose?

The best time for intake is from morning to noon. The standard single dose is 1ml or 30 drops (500mg). Do not exceed a daily dose of 2ml or 60 drops (1000mg).

What's the difference between tinctures, capsules, and powder forms?

Tinctures have a faster entry into the bloodstream, resulting in more immediate effects. They are also adaptable, allowing for direct sublingual intake or as a supplement to drinks and foods.

Possible side effects of Ashwagandha Drops?

While most people are relatively safe, some may experience side effects such as digestive upset or allergies. If you are on long-term medications, talk to your doctor before starting any supplement regimen.

Storing your Ashwagandha supplements

Store the product in a dry place, out of direct sunlight, and at or below room temperature.

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans?

Before using these drops in conjunction with other medications or supplements, consult a medical professional.

Ingredients for Dr. Ashwa Me's Supplement

The primary ingredient is dried Ashwagandha roots (Withania somnifera), which are supplemented with purified water and food-grade ethanol as a solvent.

Product Shelf Life

The product has a shelf life of 24 months. Always check the bottle's expiration date before use.


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